Daily Supplements You Should be Taking

Daily Supplements You Should be Taking

Daily Supplements You Should be Taking 

The most common question I get asked is “what supplements should I be taking each day”. While everyone’s biology, hormone levels, etc. play a factor in the right supplementation, there are a handful that just about everyone would benefit from taking. I’m going to list the most effective/essential supplements I recommend taking on a regular basis. Let’s dive in.


1- Vitamins D3 & K2

Most of us have heard the importance of getting some sunlight (vitamin D) each day. Vitamin D3 helps with everything from immune health to lowering your chances at certain types of cancer. What most of us don’t know, is that taking vitamin D3 when not combined with K2 can actually be harmful. Vitamin D3 helps with calcium absorption, which taken by itself, can lead to excess calcium. Why is this bad? Without that calcium being directed to the right place in your body (bones), it ends up wandering off to your arteries which is bad. Calcium buildup in your arteries can lead to cardiovascular diseases. When taken with K2 they work synergistically to not only absorb proper calcium levels, but direct that to your bones rather than your arteries. Check out more about D3/K2 supplementation here.


2- Krill oil

The holy grail of supplementation (in my opinion). Healthy fats are probably the most beneficial thing you can do to improve your quality of life. Why? Well let’s start with the fact that inflammation is responsible for nearly every type of disease ever. Lower your inflammation levels and lower your risk for tons and tons of illnesses. Okay rant over, let’s talk krill oil. Lots of people wonder whether krill oil or fish oil is the better choice. I say krill oil, here’s why: While both krill and fish oil contain EPA and DHA which are the fats you should really be looking for. Krill oil is made up of phospholipids while fish oil is made up of triglycerides. Our bodies absorb phospholipids much more efficiently which means you’re typically getting more juice from the krill oil. Right now I take a krill oil supplement called Kado-3 from a competitor because it not only contains EPA and DHA, but also astaxanthin (look this one up) along with both D3 and K2. Pretty solid stuff.


3- Alpha GPC

If there’s one supplement you do for your brain, let it be alpha GPC. This is a nootropic compound that helps with everything from focus, to memory and even studies linking this to potentially reducing your risk for Alzheimers disease. Alpha GPC helps deliver choline (another essential supplement) to the brain, as well as increasing your acetylcholine production. Taking a choline based supplement like Alpha GPC or Citicoline is very important when stacking nootropic supplements together. Along with its neuroprotective effects, users have reported less side effects from nootropics (like headaches) when stacking with a choline supplement. The proper dosage is usually between 200-600mg per day (less is needed when stacking with other nootropics). I recommend getting it with our daily nootropic supplement Aptitude (which contains 300mg of Alpha GPC per serving) while we’re giving free bottles away with every Boost purchase. You can get the deal here.



4- Magnesium

68% of Americans are magnesium deficient, this blows my mind. Magnesium is responsible for hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body, one of which is sleep improvement. Having trouble getting good sleep? Start supplementing with magnesium before bed, not only will it help with relaxation before and during sleep, it will help with muscle recovery (especially when paired with Zinc and B6: AKA ZMA). Another few benefits worth mentioning are: DNA and RNA repair, neurotransmitter regulation, mood (anti depressive symptoms), migraine prevention, and lowering inflammation. Be careful when purchasing a magnesium supplement though, there are many forms and some aren’t very absorbable. I recommend both magnesium glycinate (relaxation and recovery) and magnesium L-Threonate (brain health) for optimal aborbtion. 


5- Ashwagandha

While there are tons of adaptogens I’d recommend taking, Ashwagandha is in a league of its own. First let’s define what an adaptogen is for anyone reading that going “adopt a what”? Adaptogens are natural herbs that help your mind and body adapt to stress. AKA natural stress reducing, anxiety reducing, super supplements. Ashwagandha might be my favorite (rhodiola rosea is a close second) because of it’s ability to reduce stress and improve mood function. Along with it’s anxiolytic properties it’s also beneficial for balancing blood sugar levels along with insulin sensitivity (learn more here). Taking this simple ingredient each day can drastically improve your mental and emotional well being. Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea are two ingredients found in our product Aptitude along with the above listed Alpha GPC, check it out here.


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